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Information for this list of biographies has come from the Australian War Memorial website, the National Archives, the Minute Book for the proposed Avenue of Honour and a notebook which I call “The Blue Book” kept by Andrew Elder of Skipton listing alphabetically at the time, the names of the enlisted men. I believe this notebook to be the basis of the original Avenue of Honor although many names were subsequently added. Other references were the writings of Claud Notman and Amanda Taylor, author of “Dinkum Oil”, other local historians, individual families and chance finds. The research was undertaken because it was clear that the two existing World War 1 Avenue of Honour lists had became corrupted over the years as name plates disappeared or were replaced, and handwriting was misread. Many deaths had gone unrecorded as had honours awarded for bravery. It is only now possible to carry out this kind of research, with the advantages presented by the Internet. Skipton Historical Society in 2009 arranged for the replacement of the plaques on both the War Memorial and the Avenue of Honour with financial assistance gratefully received from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Any additional information or comment would be welcomed – Janet Walsh Skipton and District Historical Society Inc. Friends of the R.S.L., Skipton.

Dvr. James Nimmo AITKEN 1st FAB SN 455 I cannot be certain of this identification, although it is the closest I can find on the Australian War Memorial website. According to the records he was a Presbyterian, 22 years old, born Greenock Scotland, mother Jane back in Scotland, occupation, Farm Hand. J. Aitken is listed on the WW1 Honour Board in Skipton’s Presbyterian Church. A James Aitken was involved with Langi Willi from the very early days, about 2 generations earlier than Dvr Aitken. This seems to be a likely connection. Following on from this I contacted a descendant of the Aitken family of Langi Willi who supplied me with the name of: * Pte. James Tod AITKEN 5th Bn (Anzac) SN 2105 Son of David Aitken and Ellen Louisa (Tod), born 1882 at “Hopkins Hill” Chatsworth, who was killed in action on Gallipoli, 8th August 1915. He was 32 years old on enlistment, giving his occupation as Wool Clerk. I cannot be sure of either of the men above.

Pte. James ALEXANDER, 46th Bn SN 3348 Pte. Samuel ALEXANDER, 58th Bn SN 61576 The Alexander family are well known and widely represented in the Skipton community. James and Samuel were brothers, born at Belfast Ireland, the sons of Samuel Alexander and Margaret (Boyd), farmers from the Bo Peep district near Burrumbeet.

Gnr. ALLAN, Edgar 2nd MG Bn SN 4652 Spr. ALLAN, George 1st ALROC SN 6903 Pte. ALLAN, Thomas Belworthy 39th Bn 394 Farr/Sgt. ALLAN, William James (Anzac) 4th LH 367 These men are the four sons of George Allan and his wife Ellen (Bradshaw) of Skipton. This family was most fortunate in that all four brothers returned from the war.

• Pte. ANGUS, William John (Anzac) 14th Bn SN 2104 William was the only son of Archie Angus and his wife Emily (Bass). Archie Angus was a builder, responsible for several buildings in Skipton including Russell Hall, and was Sunday School Superintendant for many years. William and his good friend Archie Madden enlisted at the same time at Broadmeadows, both requiring their parents’ permission. William died of wounds in France on the 14th October 1917, aged 21, leaving a widow of only a few months, Sister Margaret Kerr Howat, whom he had married in England while recuperating from an earlier injury. I believe that she is the Sister ANGUS on our Roll of Honour, having served in her native England in a hospital for injured soldiers. Some time after the marriage, but before William died, she came out to Australia and stayed at “Lumeah”, Skipton, with the Angus family.

• Sgt. ANSTEE, William Parsons (Anzac) 8th Bn SN 186 William was born at Happy Valley to George and Louisa Bertha (Parsons). The Skipton connection comes through the Parsons family, who lived in the cottage beside the creek, next to the Courthouse. William Parsons was a very active member of the committee set up to start and build the Common School in Cleveland Street. Mrs Parsons at that time was running a small school in the back room of their home. The Parsons family connect with the Notman family, through Martha Parsons, Claud Notman’s grandmother. William Anstee was killed in action on Gallipoli 24th November 1915, and is commemorated at Ari Burnu Cemetery. Notes from The Spirits of Gallipoli: “Operating a Machine Gun at Quinn’s Post. Killed by enemy fire during a blizzard which dropped ½ metre of snow.”

Lieut. AUSTIN, Ernest William MC RFA (Royal Field Artillery, British) The Austin family were on Borriyalloak at the outbreak of WW1. Lieut Austin enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery. He was awarded the Military Cross. This citation is on Historical Society files. “For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. A large dump of ammunition was set on fire by enemy shelling. Several thousand pounds of ammunition were exploded and piles of ammunition close by were set on fire three times. On each occasion he succeeded in extinguishing the fires at great risk from exploding ammunition. He set an excellent example of coolness and gallantry.”

Tpr. BAILEY, William (Anzac) 4th LH SN 624 William was born in Skipton, the son of George Bailey and Susan (Simpson), enrolled in the Skipton Common School, part of a large family. His grandfather George was employed on Banongil, later the family lived in a bluestone cottage somewhere along the creek bank.

Cpl. BARR, Arthur Eric 39th Bn SN 1227 • Pte. BARR, Gilbert Harold 39th Bn SN 1226 Arthur Barr, son of Thomas and Miriam (Marshman) was a member of this very prominent Mingay family, still living on the land today. His brother Gilbert was born in Warracknabeal, 25 years old on enlistment. He was killed in action in Belgium, 8th June 1917.

• Pte. BAULCH, William John 58th Bn SN 2566 William comes from a Lexton family, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Mary (Brown). William was a pupil of Shirley State School and appears, with photograph, on their Honor Board. The Baulch family were early settlers in the Bradvale district, occupying land at the corner of the Linton Road and Crawfords Road, later the Nicol family farm. William died of wounds in France, 1st December 1916.

Nurse BELL The original Avenue lists Nurse M. Bell. I can find no match with this. A Sister Leila Catherine BELL is shown on the enlistment records, she later married James Chirnside. This is the only possibility I have been able to come up with.

Tpr. BELL, Robert Lewis (Anzac) 8th LH SN 1003 (82) On enlistment Robert gives his occupation as Station Manager, aged 22, his father Robert Carstairs Bell of Mooramong. His mother was Margaret Hester (Russell).

Capt/Chap. BEST, Joseph 39th Bn Church of England Minister in the Linton Parish in early 1915. Amanda Taylor’s superb book “Dinkum Oil” contains several beautifully expressed letters written by Rev. Best to families who had lost their sons. Quoting from "The Thirty-Ninth", the history of the 39th Battalion, page 241, "members of the 39th Battalion will recall with pride their association with two such fine men as Padres J. Best and W. A. Moore - who patiently endured the hardships of the front line."

• Pte. BETTAM, Edward 23rd Bn SN 5302 Edward Bettam was employed as a gardener on Borriyalloak at the time of his enlistment. Born in Birmingham, England, aged 33, giving his next of kin as his sister living in Birmingham. Edward died in Belgium, 9th October 1917.

Pte. BLACKBURN, James Ronald (Anzac) 31st Bn Ron Blackburn was born in Skipton, the son of Michael George Blackburn and Catherine (Wilkie). By the time of enlistment his parents were dead, he gave his next of kin as his brother Robert, living in Camperdown. Mary Millicent Blackburn married William Sturgeon. The Sturgeon family in turn connects to the Barr family.

• Pte. BORBIDGE, James Charles 7th Bn SN 6620 Cpl. BORBIDGE, William Romey (Anzac) AMDT SN 1332 Pte James Charles Borbidge was the son of Henry Borbidge and Maria (Romey), born at Avoca and aged 32 on enlistment, giving his occupation as farmer. The family settled at Mingay. James Charles Borbidge died of wounds in Belgium on 5th October 1917. Cpl. William Borbidge was his brother, aged 24 on enlistment.

• Pte. BROOKSBANK, William (Anzac) 6th Bn SN 2114 Pte. Brooksbank appears in booklet of enlisted men from the Skipton district compiled by Andrew Elder. Information researched by the group “Spirits of Gallipoli” is that he trained in England as a wood bobbin turner. He came to Australia at the age of 23 and was employed as a farm hand for John Bell at Mornington Station, Skipton. I believe this will actually be “Mooramong” Station where Robert Carstairs Bell was living with his family. See entry for Robert Lewis Bell. William Brooksbank was killed in action at Gallipoli, at Lone Pine, 7th August, 1915, during the attack on Turk positions at German Officers’ Trench. He had just arrived at Gallipoli with the 6th Reinforcements. He was one of six brothers all of whom served in WW1. (from Spirits of Gallipoli).

Pte. BROWN, William Donald 8th Bn SN 6233 William Brown was the son of James and Elizabeth (Sutherland), he has connections to the Bain family of St Enochs.

L/Cpl. BUCHHOLZ, Reginald Norman, 39th Bn SN 1225 Reg was born in Koroit, a member of a well known Mingay family, the son of Oscar and Isabella (Pagels), awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre in February 1918. Quoting from "The Thirty Ninth", a history of this Battalion p. 168 - a chapter headed "holding the line in Belgium" - "A messenger from No 1 platoon arrived with the news that a minenwerfer shell had fallen on its post burying alive 12 men.  Some of the men of No 14 platoon returned with the messenger to the wrecked post and found Pte R. N. Buchholz making strenuous efforts to rescue his unfortunate comrades in full view of the enemy.  For his gallant conduct he was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre." Reg enlisted with his parents’ consent at the same time as Bert Brunton, below. Their names were added to our list at the suggestion of David Barr. Reg’s brother Leslie enlisted 20th August 1918, SN 79415, for service in Egypt with the Light Horse, but was discharged 24th December 1918, as part of the demobilization of the AIF.

Pte. BRUNTON, Albert William, 39th Bn SN 1228 Bert’s is a Vite Vite family. He was born in Glenorchy, the son of James and Mary. We have a photograph at the Courthouse showing six soldiers, all from the area south of Skipton – Reg Buchholz, Bert Gardner (from Snake Valley), Alf Smith, Arthur Barr, Bert Brunton and Gilbert Barr. (Compare the Service Numbers of the Barr brothers, Reg Buchholz and Bert Brunton. 1225, 1226, 1227 and 1228, all serving in the 39th Bn.) This name was also added at the suggestion of David Barr.

Sgt. BUDGE, Alfred Charles Gordon 18th ASC SN 7260 Sgt Budge is listed as Lieut. on the Roll of Honour, I cannot find this in his records. The Budge family are Skipton locals, Alfred Charles Gordon is the son of Alfred Charles and Mary Elizabeth (Bolte), aged 29 on enlistment, giving his occupation as Farmer, and his next of kin as his wife, Victoria, at Thorpdale.

Dvr. BUNSTON, George Clive Skipton 1st RANBT SN 21711 Sig. BUNSTON, Roy Walter 1st AWS SN 16031 The Bunston family was represented in Skipton from a very early date. George Clive and Roy Walter were the only sons of John Thompson Bunston and his wife Elizabeth (Kellett), born Carlton.

W/O CADWELL, Stephen MM DCM MID FCdeG BCdeG 22nd Bn Regimental Sergeant Major Stephen Cadwell was employed as a Gardener on Banongill Station. He left behind his wife Mary still living on Banongill. He did return to Skipton after the war and appears in the Sands and McDougall lists for 1919. He received more than ten recommendations for awards and honours listed on the War Memorial files. One only is quoted here, for the DCM. “For conspicuous gallantry in action near Bullecourt on 3rd May 1917 in supervising the work of supplying his unit with ammunition and bombs under very heavy fire. In carrying out these duties he was severely wounded later in the day after setting a most valuable example of coolness and devotion to duty.”

Pte. CAIRNS, David 37th Bn SN 67 Dave Cairns was the son of Robert Cairns and Frances McCoy of Skipton. On his return from the war Dave and his wife May took up a Soldier Settlement Block on the Mt Bute estate, the only local man to do so. Dvr. CAIRNS, Samuel Redfern 1st DAC SN 5966 Pte. CAIRNS, David Baird 39th Bn SN 1248. Samuel Redfern and David Baird Cairns were the sons of Charles Cairns and Sara Jane McMullen of Vite Vite. Another brother, Albert George, enlisted in the AFC, but his ship was turned back during the voyage when the Armistice was signed.

Dvr. CALLAGHAN, Edward William (Anzac) 1st Pioneers SN 88 Edward William Callaghan was born at Snake Valley and appears on their Roll of Honour. I have to assume that he had also been employed in the Skipton district. On enlistment he gives his occupation as Steam Driver, aged 23.

Gnr. CAMPBELL, Hugh (Anzac) 8th LH & 42nd Bty SN 1805 Hugh Campbell’s name appears on the early RSSILA lists. On enlistment he was aged 38, occupation Horse Driver. His wife Maysie’s address is given as C/- PO, Skipton.

• Pte. CAMPBELL, William 22nd Bn SN 4765A This is my best guess. On enlistment aged 27, William gives his occupation as gardener, his parents John William and Jane in Co. Derry, Ireland. William’s name appears on Andrew Elder’s list. He was killed in action in France, 10th April, 1918.

Sgt. Mjr. CAWSEY, Henry Percy George (Anzac) 13th LH SN 1336 Sgt. Cawsey was serving as a Mounted Policeman at Skipton at the outbreak of WW1. Several of his children appear on the Skipton School Roll.

Pte. CHAPLIN, Walter James 6th Bn SN 7538 The name appears on Andrew Elder’s list. He gives his occupation as Farm Hand, with the words Motor Driver added in pencil. Motor Driver leads me to believe that he would have been employed on one of the Stations.

Nurse CHIRNSIDE, Gwladis, Capt. CHIRNSIDE, Robert Gordon OBE Staff HQ Anzac, Pte. CHIRNSIDE, Russell Melville 7th Bn SN 7465 These three members of the Chirnside family of Carranballac are all the children of Robert Chirnside and Alice Belinda (WARE) In Heather Ronald’s “Wool Past the Winning Post” p.141, this entry on our Avenue of Honour is explained. Gwladis Chirnside was in Britain at the time of the outbreak of War. She served in London’s Harold Fink Memorial Hospital for Officers. Capt. Chirnside served as Aide de Camp to General Birdwood, and Frank Ellingham was there as his Batman. Russell Chirnside gives his occupation on enlistment as Grazier, single. Pte. Russell Melville Chirnside was recommended for the Military Medal “On 23/8/18 during the attack on enemy positions near ST MARTINS WOODS, East of PROYART, Pte CHIRNSIDE performed very valuable and courageous work as a Bn. H/Qrs. Scout. Before zero hour he went forward to the then front line and reconnoitred for report, what had been considered a suitable position for Battalion H/Qrs. Of his Bn. He returned again under heavy artillery fire to his Bn. Commander, made his report, and then during the very heavy enemy barrage which fell at zero hour in and around the village of PROYART, Pte. CHIRNSIDE led his Bn. Commander and Staff safely through this heavily shelled area by routes chosen by himself. His calmness and decision in passing through the barrage cannot be too highly praised, and loss of control on his part would inevitably have meant that his Bn. Commander and Staff would most certainly have become casualties. Later Pte. CHIRNSIDE gallantly volunteered to go out for a party of Signallers following in rear, who had to pass through the barrage. He went out alone under heavy fire, located this party, and brought it safely through the barrage to the forward area. During the subsequent continuance of the attack, Pte CHIRNSIDE’S work was again distinguished by his zeal and devotion to duty regardless of personal danger and fatigue. His work was a fine example and inspiration to his comrades.”

Pte. CLARK, Henry Hixon 10th MG Bn SN 663 On the RSSILA list, his enlistment record gives his next of kin as his wife Jane, Skipton Victoria.

Gnr. COMMONS, William James Thomas 2nd TMB SN 13155 Born Happy Valley, his next of kin is given as Mrs Ann Commons, Cape Clear. Also on Linton’s Roll of Honour.

Pte. COOK, Thomas William (Anzac) 15th MG Coy SN 2806 This is a best guess, I cannot see who else it could be. Born Port Fairy, aged 24 on enlistment, occupation Labourer. There is a Cook family long established in Skipton.

Pte. CORKER, George Charles (Anzac) 8th LH SN 1547 Station Hand, 21 years old, George Corker appears on the RSSILA list with the address of Banongill.

Lieut. CORRIGAN, Leslie Thomas 39th Bn SN 12 Lieut. Corrigan’s father Thomas Corrigan was employed on Banongill, and later as a Station Manager in NSW.

• Cpl. CROXON, Alfred Charles (Anzac) 14th Bn Alfred Croxon’s name appears in Andrew Elder’s ‘Blue Book’, although I cannot establish his employment. He gives his next of kin as his father Frederick Croxon, London, England. So I assume that like many other ex-pats he was employed on a Station. Cpl. Croxon was killed in action in Belgium 19th October 1917.

Pte. CUDMORE, Arthur Sexton, Field Ambulance SN 2066 Although I cannot establish the connection, the name appears in the Blue Book. There may be a connection - R. F. Roberts of Baangal married Sara Cudmore. Their son, Ronald, was born in Skipton in 1916. The Cudmore family, including A S are represented in the Melbourne Grammar School record of old boys who served in WW1.

• Pte. CUNNINGHAM, James John 59th Bn SN 2158, James John Cunningham 21 years old, farmer, was the son of James and Mary (Keating) of Warrion near Beeac. The Keatings are a local family (See Thomas Francis Keating below) James was killed in action at Villers Brettoneux on 27th April 1918 aged 23.

• Dvr. CUSHING, Hugh O’Niell 38th Bty, Hugh was the son of Hugh and Bridget (Meehan) of Stockyard Hill. The lane which runs alongside the Lake Goldsmith School is Cushings Lane. Hugh died of wounds on 13th September 1917 in France. There is connection between the Cushing and Meehan families, see Meehan below.

Lieut. DEVINE, Anthony Aloysius 4th Div. Art. Gnr. DEVINE, Frederick Raymond (Anzac) 5th FAB S/Nurse DEVINE, Kathleen AAMC S/Nurse DEVINE, Maysie AAMC.  Four members of one family. The Devine family were at the time of the outbreak of war on “Enuc West” which was later known as “Yallambee”.

Dvr. DONNELLY, Hugh Gordon 5th FAB SN 8818 Dvr. DONNELLY, Robert Shields 1st MT Coy SN 1934 Sgt. DONNELLY, Stanley 1st MT Coy SN 9341 DONNELLY, P. The first three are easily identified as three sons of Christopher Owen Donnelly and Agnes (Shields), a well known local family. P. Donnelly I am unable to identify, there are too many possibilities. His name does not appear in the Blue Book and is listed separately and much later on the old War Memorial plaque.  

Pte. DOYLE, James (Anzac) 6th Bn SN 1941 (added) I believe this is a name worth considering to add in place of one of the 5 missing names. On the AWM Website James is listed as a native of Skipton. His father was James William Doyle and his mother Louisa Cecelia (Bending). The Bending family has local connections. On enlistment he was 21 years old, a Labourer.

Sgt. DRINNAN, Alexander Fraser 56th Bn SN 1649 Born at Lismore, aged 29 on enlistment, occupation Motor Driver.     

• Dvr. DUNN, Ernest Edward (Anzac) 2nd FAB SN 3652 Ernest was the son of George Dunn and Euphemia Tempest (Stone), he comes from the Mingay area and his name appears on the Derrinallum Roll of Honour. He was wounded on the Gallipoli Peninsula in May 1915 and died on board ship while being transported to hospital in Alexandria. He was buried at sea. His family struggled for more than a year to find out whether he was alive or dead, as their letters to him were being returned. (Info. From “Spirits of Gallipoli” which also says that another son was killed in the South African War, but from our records Ernest is the only son.) His twin sister became Mrs Cobden, Postmistress at Carranballac. The Cobdens lost a son in the Second World War (Alexander Calder Cobden, see the plaque near the creek at Skipton).

• Pte. EDWARDS, Andrew 8th Bn SN 6263. The Blue Book lists A. Edwards, died of wounds, contact A. Bain (of St Enochs, Stockyard Hill) and the Honour Roll in St Andrew’s Church has A. Edwards, with the Supreme Sacrifice symbol. We have now definitely confirmed this entry thanks to an Edwards family descendant in America. Andrew Edwards, born Haverford, Wales died of wounds 21st September 1917, in Belgium. He was employed in the Beaufort area, and the Bain connection comes through Jessie Bain, who married Thomas Wighton Hood. Andrew's name is also listed on the Honour Board at Lake Goldsmith school, located just off the main Skipton to Beaufort road, on Cushings Lane. See also the entry for Hugh Cushing.

Now I am wondering if this is also a clue to Lieut Hood. Any help would be very welcome.

Cpl. EDWARDS, Percy Lindsay 7th Bn SN 1648 A farmer from Streatham, aged 24, His next of kin is his father David, C/o Streatham PO.

Dvr. ELLINGHAM, Francis Leonard (Anzac) 1st Div. HQ SN 46 Frank Ellingham was brought out from England to Australia by the Chirnside family to be their Motor Driver. Frank served as Gordon Chirnside’s batman on Gallipoli.

Pte. EUMAN, William Whitecross 39th Bn SN 693 In Andrew Elder’s list and on the RSSILA list, aged 18, Labourer, Presbyterian.

Pte. EVERALL, Albert Anthony 5th Div. Trn. SN 6294 On RSSILA list, and in the Blue Book. He enlists as a Saddler, single, next of kin a brother in Ballarat.

Major FAIRBAIRN, Charles Osborne RFC The Fairbairn family were on Banongill. Their son Charles Ridley Fairbairn lost his life in the Second World War when his plane came down over Germany, when he was on the 29th of a tour of 30 ops. Lieut. FAIRBAIRN, James Valentine (POW) RFC A brother of C. O. Fairbairn.

Capt. FAY, Luke Patrick MC (Anzac) 8th Bn & AFC Luke Patrick Fay was born at Middle Creek (Buangor) in 1894, the son of Luke Fay and his wife Margaret (Liston). He enlisted as a 20 year old Bank Clerk in the 8th Battalion and served on Gallipoli. Luke Patrick Fay was awarded the Military Cross 31st July, 1916 “For conspicuous gallantry during a night assault and capture of an enemy strong post. A heavy shelling the following day caused many casualties, but, although badly wounded, he led his company forward when ordered to clear a trench.” He was promoted to Captain 26.7.1916. In late 1917 he was posted for duty with the 4th squadron AFC as a Recording Officer. He also served in the RAAF in WW2 as a Flight Lieutenant at Air Force HQ, under the name of Louis Patrick Fay, the same name which his daughter used years later in correspondence with the War Office.

Sgt. FERGUSON, Alex James (Anzac) 58th Bn SN 782 Pte. FERGUSON, William George (Anzac) 59th Bn SN 4488 Alex James and William George Ferguson are brothers, born at Buangor, the sons of James Ferguson and Margaret (Stevens). William was 18 years old on enlistment. At this time their parents were living at Streatham.

Surgeon FERRIS, Joseph Stanley AAMC SN 3142 Born 1891 at Terricks, the son of William and Alice Elizabeth (Francis) There is some doubt about this name. A possible Skipton connection is through the Stretch family, who connect with the Rowe family of Naringal. William Henry Stretch married Sophia Grattan Ferris.

 • Pte. GALBRAITH, William Robert 22nd Bn SN 5010 William Galbraith was born in Lerwick in the Shetland Isles. His mother’s address is given in Glasgow. He died of accidental injuries on 24th November 1917 in France. In the Blue Book he is listed as “W. Galbraith, killed”.

Dvr. GARDINER, Andrew Leslie 4th MT Coy SN 12395 Aged 26, Motor Driver, “Lauriston” Skipton, the son of Alexander Murray Gardiner and Mary (Wilkie).

Pte. GELLIE, George Arthur 8th Bn SN 6269 On enlistment aged 34, married, wife Violet May (Wise) Skipton.

Pte. GOUDIE, William (Anzac) 6th Bn SN 3762 Born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, aged 43 on enlistment, he gives his occupation as Grazier. Next of Kin his wife Mrs. J. Goudie on Carranballac Station. His name appears on the RSSAILA lists. William also is recorded on the Avenue of Honour at Bacchus Marsh.

Tpr. GRIST, Charles 8th LH SN 3057 The Grists are a long established local family, living in the Bradvale/Mingay area. Charles Grist was 21 on enlistment, single, occupation Labourer. Father, Charles Grist C/- Skipton PO. • Pte. GRIST, John Robert 14th Bn SN 5097A John Grist was one of nine children born to John Grist and Frances (Cairns) at Skipton. 18 years old on enlistment, he was killed in action in France 8th August, 1918.

Pte. HALLIHAN, Francis (Anzac) (POW) 21st Bn SN162 Francis Hallihan (Hallighan in the Blue Book), enlisted 11th January 1915 and served on Gallipoli and in France before being taken Prisoner of War at Moquet Farm 26th August 1916. His name appears on the ex-Prisoners of War Memorial, Ballarat. He was repatriated to Australia 28th November 1918. His wife Alice Agnes Hallihan was living at Waterloo.

Capt/Chap. HANLON There is an entry in the Blue Book, Capt/Chap F. Hanlon. I have a feeling that he was briefly connected with St John’s Church.

Dvr. HANNAH, James Andrew 37th Bty SN 38035 Dvr. HANNAH, Thomas Walker MM 30th Bty SN 14638 The Hannah brothers were part of a well known Stockyard Hill family. Their brother “Mac” Hannah gave his life during the 1914 fire on Monmot attempting to save the lives of the two daughters of Donald Stewart. On enlistment James was a Bank Manager aged 40, Thomas a Farmer aged 30. Thomas was awarded the Military Medal and the citation follows. “On the 8th August 1918 at Cerisy, this man was the Battery Water Cart Driver. He displayed great courage and devotion to duty. Under very heavy shell fire by day and bombing by night, this driver made long trips to the River Somme to bring water to the battery, and never once failed to keep the battery supplied. He showed wonderful courage and disregard for personal safety.”

Pte. HARVEY, Walter Thomas 7th Bn SN 6518 20 years old on enlistment, occupation Labourer, born Amphitheatre. He is listed in the Blue Book, so I assume he was employed on a local Sheep Station.

Cpl. HEATH, George Patrick 2nd DMT Coy SN 13024 26 years old on enlistment, occupation Motor Mechanic. As above, he is listed in the Blue Book, and presumably employed on a Sheep Station.

• Pte. HENEHAN, John Thomas 14th AAMC SN 3772 John Henehan was a Clergyman aged 33 on enlistment. Claud Notman has him listed as a Curate at St John’s from 3.6.1914 to 6.7.1915. Since he enlisted 7.7.1915 we must assume that he went off straight from Skipton. He was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland and gives his next of kin as his brother James in Ballarat. He served with the 14th Field Ambulance Australian Army medical Corps and died 22nd March 1918 in Belgium. In the Blue Book he is listed as Father Henehan. Further information on the Roll of Honour. 

Lieut. HOOD, D. The most likely is Lieut. Dugald Alexander Hood, SN 3352 from Cannum near Warracknabeal. However I have been unable to confirm. Dugald is the only D. Hood to hold the rank of Lieutenant, and there are strong connections between Warracknabeal and the Mingay district. I put an entry into the Investigator column in the Weekly Times with no success. I have been in touch with Warracknabeal Historical Society who tried very hard to make the link for me, but the Hood family had already left the district before the outbreak of war. His name is listed in the Blue Book with a contact given as Mr Carstairs. James Leonard Carstairs was on Blythvale, Streatham, and a Trustee of the Estate of George Russell. The most likely link is that Dugald, 21 years old, Labourer, was employed on Blythvale. Note that in the Blue Book, Lieut. does not appear. Please also see the entry for Andrew Edwards.

Pte. HORWILL, Arthur Laurence 8th Bn SN 7519 Listed in the Blue Book, Father Edward, mother Annie (Ward), Ward is a name from Linton. 22 years old on enlistment, Farm Labourer. Single.

Capt/Chap. HOUSTON, Alexander Somerville 1st Anzac Camel Corps. Minister of Skipton Presbyterian Church from 1916 to 1922, he enlisted during his tenure. Born Scotland, aged 36 on enlistment, wife Ethel Mary, The Manse, Skipton. Rev Houston was assigned to the 1st Anzac Camel Corps in Palestine, a band of men who had served previously on Gallipoli. He served as Chaplain to the Camel Corps until it was disbanded, and reformed as the 14th Light Horse.

Pte. HUSSEY, Bernard (Anzac) 24th Bn SN 2670 * Pte. HUSSEY, Charles (Anzac) 24th Bn SN 2664 Tpr. HUSSEY, George 8th LH SN 2943 * Pte. HUSSEY, John 8th Bn SN 1671 Pte. HUSSEY, Leonard (Anzac) 1st DMT Coy SN 2665 Five sons of Michael Hussey and Elizabeth (Ryan) enlisted in the First World War, and three came home – Bernard 23 on enlistment, Chauffeur, George 26 on enlistment, Labourer and Leonard, aged 21. Michael Hussey was employed on Carranballac, in charge of the horses. Charles, who served on Gallipoli, was killed in action in France, 19th July, 1916. John died of wounds in France, 10th August, 1918.

Cpl. JOHNSTON, Andrew 5th Pioneers 4146     • Pte. JOHNSTON, Robert 22nd Bn SN 3854 These men are brothers, the sons of Walter Johnston and Mary Jane (Padfield), born at Raglan. Adam Johnston stayed home to run the family Blacksmith’s business, Andrew was apprenticed to him. Robert died 3rd May, 1917 at Villers Bretonneux.

Pte. JOYCE, Edward 29th Bn SN 2671 Pte. JOYCE, Henry 3rd Pioneers SN 2331 Ted Joyce was employed on Langi Willi both before and after the war. He gave his next of kin as his brother Henry. Ted lost a leg in action, and managed afterwards with a wooden leg.     

* Pte. KEATING, Thomas Francis 7th Bn Thomas was the son of James Keating and Matilda (Meehan), with many local connections – to the Cunninghams, Cushings and Meehans, all represented on this Roll of Honour. Thomas was killed in action in France 23rd August, 1918.

• Pte. KIRKPATRICK, George 38th Bn SN 2346 • Cpl. KIRKPATRICK, Gilbert Andrew MM 39th Bn. SN 4150 Two sons of George Kirkpatrick and Janet (Glendinning), from the Stockyard Hill area. George died of sickness in Wiltshire, 1st February 1917. Gilbert Andrew MM died of wounds 2nd July 1918 in France. He left a wife and two sons, Eric Andrew and Francis Gordon. The citation for Gilbert’s Military Medal does not appear to be on the AWM files, but there is no doubt about it, the words “Awarded Military Medal” appear on his Statement of Service in late 1917.

Pte. MACKENZIE, Donald 46th Bn SN 3497 The Mackenzie family connect to the Elder family and also to the Barr family of Mingay. Donald served in both the First and Second World Wars.

Sgt. MADDEN, Archibald (Anzac) 5th Bn SN 2184 A member of a local family, son of John Madden and Mary Ann (McFadzean). He enlisted at the same time as his friend William Angus (above). Both needed their parents’ written consent. Both served on Gallipoli.

L/Cpl. MADDEN, David Andrew 37th Bn SN 486 Pte. MADDEN, Harry Irwin (POW) 14th Bn SN 2436 Two sons of David Andrew Madden and Caroline (Lennon), of Skipton. Harry was taken Prisoner of War in April 1917, after being listed missing presumed killed. His name appears on the ex-Prisoners of War Memorial, Ballarat.

Dvr. MARSHALL, Alfred Eric 57th Bn SN 3414 Alfred Marshall’s name appears on the RSSILA list compiled after the war, and in Andrew Elder’s Blue Book. On enlistment aged 26 he gives his place of birth as Longford, Tasmania, occupation Groom. Presumably he was employed locally.

Pte. MATHEWSON, Alexander (Anzac) 21st Bn SN 2871 • Pte. MATHEWSON, Leslie Thomas 8th Bn Two sons of Alexander Mathewson and Jane (Stokie), Leslie died in Melbourne 29th July, 1915.

Pte. McDONALD, Donald 57th Bn SN 1740 Wife Mrs I. McDonald, Stockyard Hill. On RSSILA list. Donald gives his age as 39 years old, occupation, Horse Breaker.

• Pte. McDONALD, John Charles 37th Bn SN 7032 John Charles was the son of Constable J. McDonald, formerly stationed at Skipton. For four years he was employed as Station Manager on Borriyalloak for E. G. Austin. Married to Marion (Wilkie), of the Courthouse Store. 30 years old on enlistment. He died on 29th September, 1918 at Villers Bretonneux. He was a member of the Skipton Masonic Lodge, where his framed photograph hung along with two others who had paid the Supreme Sacrifice. This photograph, now restored, is a part of the Skipton Historical Society’s collection.

Dvr. McEWAN, J. The name is given as J. M. Ewan on the Avenue of Honour, but as McEwan on the Presbyterian Honour Roll, and also in Andrew Elder’s Blue Book, though it could have been easily misunderstood. My best guess is Cpl. James Ross McEwan, 59th Bn SN 1041 born Edinburgh, Scotland, but I cannot be certain.

• Pte. McHARG, Andrew Gilbert 39th Bn SN 2121 Son of Ralph Archibald McHarg and Beatrice (Mackenzie) – see Donald Mackenzie above. Born Warracknabeal, living at Mingay on enlistment, aged 22, Farmer. Died 12th October 1917, Ypres.

Pte. McINTYRE, Donald William 43rd Bn SN 4819 Listed in the Blue Book, Donald enlisted from Kangaroo Island, South Australia. His family had been second generation farmers on Spring Hill, father William Neil McIntyre, mother Martha Varina (Williams), sister of Emily Williams, Head Teacher at Spring Hill School, living on the adjacent block, married to James Graham. Presumably after being widowed Varina moved to South Australia.

Lieut. McQUEEN, Frederick John (Anzac) 5th Bn SN 551 Capt/Chap McQUEEN, Malcolm Sons of the Rev. Finlay McQueen, former Minister of Skipton Presbyterian Church (1899-1908).

Pte. MEEHAN, James Joseph 37th Bn SN 2112 Pte. MEEHAN, Peter Paul NZ Forces.  Brothers, from Stockyard Hill. Father Martin Meehan, mother Norah Margaret (Nolan). Peter went to New Zealand in 1911 or 1912, and served in the New Zealand Forces during World War 1. (Information from a family member). These names are also on the Honour Board at Lake Goldsmith.

Pte. MERTON, John (Anzac) 8th Bn SN 3180 Born Richmond, Victoria, employed as a Gardener on Banongill. 37 years old on enlistment. The family stayed on in Skipton.

Dvr. MILLIST, Ernest (Anzac) 14th FAB SN 3425 Ernest Millist was Skipton’s lamplighter, later married to Emily Judith (Wise). He was aged 20 on enlistment, occupation Gardener.

Pte. MOODIE, Hubert (Anzac) AAPC SN 2719 Hubert is on the early RSSILA list, aged 20 Farm Hand, Next of Kin his sister Mrs Peter Leyden of Skipton (Ada May Moodie).

• Cpl. MULHOLLAND, Thomas 58th Bn SN 3427 Thomas Mulholland was in Skipton at the time of his enlistment, aged 21, occupation Boundary Rider. The contact given in the Blue Book was Mr Stokie. This should place Thomas on Borriyalloak. He was the son of John and Mary Mulholland of Carluke, Scotland. He died of wounds 27th September, 1916, in France. Lance Corporal Mulholland was recommended for Mention in Despatches. “This NCO has, unfortunately, been killed, but his work was of a high order. He was in charge of the permanent wiring party of “C” Co. 58th Battalion July- September 1916 at Petillon, and was enthusiastic in the work. By day he was never satisfied unless preparing “knife rest” entanglements for the parapet or preparing wire balls to fill up holes in the front. At night and on foggy days he would have his party out examining the wire, repairing and adding to it and putting in position the knife rests etc. that he had prepared. He was a splendid example to the men and his death was a great loss to the Battalion. He was shot whilst engaged in wiring in No Man’s Land on 28.9.16.”

Cpl. MURDOCH, William James 60th Bn SN 2208 William Murdoch gave his next of kin on enlistment as Annie Murdoch, Skipton. From Sands and McDougall’s directory comes the information that Annie Murdoch was Skipton’s local nurse, running the small cottage hospital.

Pte. NASH, Percy Victor (Anzac) 21st Bn SN 3899 Born in Somerset, England, Percy Nash gave his occupation on enlistment as Gardener, aged 22. His mother was still in England and his father was dead. Percy was a staunch member of the RSSILA, as was his son, Percy George, and the compiler of the RSSILA early lists. His descendants still live in Skipton today.

• Cpl. NOBLE, Robert MM, 6th FCE SN 3436 Robert was born at Streatham, the son of John Noble and Euphemia (Moffat). aged 38 on enlistment, occupation Miner. He enlisted from Kalgoorlie, W.A. He played football for Skipton in c. 1905, See “Out of the Past” p. 106. Robert died at Villers Bretonneux on May 3rd, 1917. He was awarded the Military Medal – this is the citation: “These three sappers (William Henry Patrass, Harry Roy Quinn and Sapper Robert Noble) distinguished themselves at Moquet Farm on 26th August 1916, in preparing communication between the Quarry and Point 77. The more important part of this work had to be dug in daylight under heavy fire in perfectly open ground. In spite of their casualties good progress was made by the party, the above-mentioned sappers being conspicuous by their gallant efforts to push the work forward, in spite of heavy fire.”

Pte. ODDIE, Geoffrey Frank 14th Bn SN 61451 Geoffrey was aged 18 on enlistment, still a student at Melbourne Grammar School, father Thomas Alfred Oddie of Pretty Tower, mother Marion (James).

• Dvr. OSBORNE, William 2nd FAB SN 1583 William Alphonsus Liguori Osborne was born at Skipton, the son of William Osborne and Catherine (Long). He died in Surrey, England 26th December 1917, aged 34.

Pte. PETT, Henry Francis Rubin 21st Bn SN 5395 Pte. PETT, John Andrew 58th Bn SN 1751 These men are brothers, sons of Francis Henry Pett and Catherine Mary (Gibson). John Andrew Campbell Gibson Pett's family settled in Skipton and ran the local dairy from their home in Cleveland St. Graeme Pett is a son of this family. Henry Francis Ruben Pett married into the Wise family of Skipton.

Sgt. PITTARD, Andrew Madden 46th Bn SN 4265 Lieut. PITTARD, Edward James MC, 24th Bn The Pittard family was based around the Pittong area. Edward James was a Clerk on enlistment, aged 26, Andrew Madden aged 23 gave his occupation as carpenter. Their father was Henry Walter Pittard, their mother Margaret (Madden), the daughter of James Madden and Margaret Tait, very early storekeepers in Skipton. Lieut Pittard’s citation reads as follows: “ For conspicuous gallantry in the assault on the German trenches near Bullecourt on 3rd May 1917. In spite of a severe wound he continued to lead his men until he collapsed on getting to his objective in the enemy trenches. The fortitude and determination of this young officer had the happiest influence on his men.”

Pte. POLLARD, Alfred John 5th MG Bn SN 7295 Known as Jack, born Chewton, Pte Pollard married Frances Hannah (Fannie) Bunston in 1919. (Information from the Bunston Family History compiled by Georgina Nash)

L/Cpl. PYKE, William George 38th Bn SN 4869 A Linton native, also on Linton’s Roll of Honour. On enlistment his wife Catherine was living in Skipton.

Capt. REID, James Mansfield MC, 2nd FCE The son of George Watson Reid and Lillias Margaret (Easton), a Civil Engineer, Capt. Reid was the Officer in Charge of the extension of the Railway Line from Linton to Skipton 1913-1916. His name also appears on the Linton Roll of Honour and he was a member of the Skipton Masonic Lodge, where his framed photograph hung along with others who had paid the Supreme Sacrifice. This photograph, now restored is a part of the Skipton Historical Society’s collection. Capt. Reid died of wounds 30th October 1917 in Belgium. He was awarded the Military Cross, and was recommended for Mention in Despatches on several occasions. This citation dates from late October 1917, shortly before his death. Handwritten on it is “? Dec’d” “During the operations east of Ypres, near the Ypres-Roulers Railway, on 28th October 1917, Lieutenant Reid conducted a combined engineer and infantry working party to the most advanced point in the final objective, on the heels of the attacking infantry. On arrival at the site he marked out a design of the strong point to be constructed, and not only organised his own parties, but also took charge of the work of the whole garrison and eventually completed a valuable defence work of 80 yards frontage. During the whole period the work was subjected to violent shell fire necessitating constant repairs. To reach the site the parties had to traverse more than three miles of almost impassable country through heavy barrage fire, and it was solely due to his dogged determination, courage, devotion to duty and able leadership that the parties all reached the site and accomplished their work”

Pte. ROSS, George Mico 4th Tropical Force & 44th Bn SN 976 • Pte. ROSS, Henry Hassal 51st Bn SN 2865 • Sgt. ROSS, James Forbes (Anzac) 6th Bn SN 389 Three sons of Rev. Charles Stuart Ross and Jane (Cooper), former Minister of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church at Skipton. George was aged 38 on enlistment from Western Australia, James (Jim) was a Schoolmaster aged 27, and Harry was also a Schoolmaster aged 37, leaving a wife and four children. Harry died of wounds July 17th, 1917 in France. Jim was killed in action on Gallipoli 25th April, 1915. From “Spirits of Gallipoli” : James Forbes Ross was a member of the Geelong College cadets from 1899-1912, and senior cadets from 1912-1914. From a witness on Gallipoli: “I saw him hit by a shell about 27th April at Lone Pine. He died about an hour afterwards and I saw him buried near Lone Pine but the grave was not marked.” From a family history, J.F. Ross was a much respected teacher at Trinity College Kew, and his death was greatly felt. His father gave his tennis racquet to the school with an inscription on the handle, to be used as a perpetual trophy.

Spr. ROWE, Alexander Anderson 2nd Tun Coy SN 6130 Pte. ROWE, Frederick Stanbury 5th South African Unit Sons of John (Sydney) Rowe and Mary Ann Allan, born Skipton. Alex Rowe is the father of Jean (Sturgeon) and John. The family took up a Soldier Settlement Block on the Mt Bute Estate, 1921. Frederick married in South Africa and served in the South African Forces.

Pte. RUSSELL, John 21st Bn SN 7312 Born Streatham, 38 years old on enlistment, Farmer. John gave his next of kin as his father James, living in Skipton.

• Capt. RUSSELL, John (Jack) MC RFA, Major RUSSELL, Phillip 11th Cavalry Reserve MC and Bar • Cadet RUSSELL, Robert Ritchie Royal Horse Artillery 130697 Three sons of James Russell and Blanche (Ritchie) of Carngham and Langi Willi. Jack Russell was one of three brothers who enlisted in Britain. He and his brother Phillip travelled to England immediately on the declaration of war to volunteer. Jack was killed at Vimy Ridge on April 9th 1917, having been recommended three times for the Military Cross, which was awarded to him the week before he was killed. Phillip served in the 11th Cavalry Reserve, being awarded the MC and Bar. After completing his course in the Officers Training Corps in Britain, Robert was to commence a gunnery course at Lark Hill, but became ill and died on September 26th 1916. He was given a military funeral and is buried at Hampstead Cemetery, London. These names have been added at the request of the Weatherly family, who understand that the three young men were involved with Langi Willi at the time. Mrs Weatherly also remembers a letter written to her mother by Francis Funston, telling her that he had planted three trees in memory of the brothers, in Skipton’s Avenue of Honour.     

• Pte. SEXTON, James 23rd Bn SN 5682 James Sexton was 32 years old on enlistment, born in Ararat, giving his occupation as Groom. I assume he would have been employed on one of the stations. He died of sickness in France 11th February, 1917. (His name was given simply as Sexon on the War Memorial, but is correct in the Blue Book.

• Pte. SHAW, Adam 39th Bn SN 2145 Adam Shaw was the son of William Shaw and Jane (Dixon), husband of Annie Jane (Stevens), 22 years old on enlistment, married, Labourer. He was killed in action at Passchendaele, 12th October 1917.

• Sig. SLATER, Harold Albert 39th Bn SN 1716 The son of John Howison Slater and Emily Emma (Shuttlewood), born Skipton, Farm Labourer, 19 years old on enlistment. Harold died in France October 1918. The Slaters are a long established and well known Skipton family. Harold’s photograph hung for many years in the Skipton Masonic Lodge, and is now in the care of family members.

Dvr. SMITH, Alfred 39th Bn SN 1395 On the RSSILA list, aged 22 on enlistment, farmer, single, born at Moonambel, Alfred was the son of Phillip Riddle Smith and Clara Catherine (Joseph) of Mingay. He later settled on a Block at Bradvale.

• Gnr. SMITH, Alfred Ernest 11th FAB SN 22479 Pte. SMITH, David 38th Bn SN 661 These brothers are the sons of George Smith of “Fairview”, Skipton and his wife Victoria (Walker). Alfred Ernest died of wounds at Ypres, 29th October 1917.

Nurse SMITHWICK, Geraldine 1st Aust Army Hospital I cannot trace the connection to Skipton, but this is the only possible match. Geraldine, aged 31 on enlistment was a qualified nurse, the daughter of Christopher Smithwick of St Kilda.

Tpr. SPRIGGS, Charles 13th LH SN 1951 Charles Spriggs, born Jerilderie, 26 years old on enlistment, married Lyle Elizabeth Bunston, a Skipton girl, on September 18th 1919. (Information from the Bunston Family History compiled by Georgina Nash)

Lieut. STODART, Charles Merton MC 2nd FAB, Sqd/Ldr. STODART, David Edmund DSO DFC RFC, Pte. STODART, Frank Lindsay (Anzac) 8th LH At the outbreak of war the Stodart family were occupying Mooramong Station. Charles Merton STODART, a 28 year old Solicitor on enlistment, was awarded the Military Cross, 28th June 1918. “For devotion to duty prior to and during the operation at Mont de Merris near Strazeele on night 2nd/3rd June, 1918. On 1st June 1918 Lieutenant Stodart made a reconnaissance, selected a site for a Continuous Wave Wireless Set and conducted the wireless personnel to the position selected. On night 2nd/3rd June, 1918 he acted as F.O.O. and when the Infantry advanced he followed them under very heavy shell fire, maintaining communication with Wireless Set and phoned back accurate and valuable information which was passed to Brigade Headquarters. Throughout the operation he set a splendid example of courage and devotion to duty to his men.” David Edmund STODART served in the Royal Flying Corps based in England. In 1935 he won an air race “the Closed Circuit Aerial Derby” flying an Airspeed Courier monoplane, Nancy Bird Walton and a friend came second. Frank Lindsay STODART, who enlisted on January 6th, 1915, served on Gallipoli and throughout the war.

Pte. STODDART, George, (Anzac) 6th Bn SN 1130 George, born in Skipton, was the son of James Stoddart and Charlotte (Menzies). He enlisted at the age of 22, occupation Labourer, giving his next of kin as his sister Margaret. Both his parents had died while the children were still very young, from tuberculosis.

Tpr. STOKIE, James Albert (Anzac) 1st Anzac LH SN 429 James Stokie was born in Skipton, the son of Joseph Stokie and Janet (Meiklejohn). Joseph was Manager on Borriyalloak Station. James was aged 40 on enlistment, Labourer, giving his next of kin as Peter, his younger brother, at Beeac. Gnr. STOKIE, Thomas, (Anzac) 2nd Pioneers SN 1146 Thomas Stokie was born at Skipton, the son of James Stokie and Martha (Hunter). The family later moved to the Hamilton district.

• Pte. SUE, Camilles Wentworth 8th LH I have been unable to find Cam Sue’s record under any variant of the name, but I have confirmed with his family that he served “and he never came back”. His name appears on the Honour Board at Wentworth, and at Mildura, as well as among the brass plates in the Mechanics' Hall at Skipton. The Minute Book for the proposed Avenue of Honour gives this comment “Killed 7.8.1915, Lone Pine”. He was the youngest brother of William John “Billy” Sue, who worked on "Baangal", and married local girl Jean Armour Madden, who relates to the Gardiner family of Baangal.

Pte. TEMPLAR, Albert 6th Bn SN 6571 This is my best guess. The Blue Book lists B. Templar. I am guessing that this would be for Bert. Albert was born in Glenorchy, 34 years old on enlistment, Labourer, presumably employed in the district.

Dvr. THOMAS, Umberto Osborne 8th FCE SN 5667 Umberto was born near Ararat, 22 years old on enlistment, Farmer. The family settled around the Vite Vite area, and descendants still live in Skipton.

Pte. THOMPSON, Arthur Stuart 13th FAB SN 1825, Sgt. THOMPSON, Henry Frederick DCM, (Anzac) 5th FCE SN 3138 were brothers, the sons of Arthur Stuart Thompson of Camperdown. Harry Thompson went on to become a staunch member of the RSSILA holding the position of Secretary for many years. He married Alice Isabella Wilkie, of “Skipton Park”. Harry was awarded the DCM for his actions in May 1917. “On the night of the 8th May 1917, while consolidating the Hindenburg Line, constructing an important strongpoint, Corporal Thompson exhibited great courage and initiative. Early in the operations the officer in charge was severely wounded. Corporal Thompson then took charge of the party, and, in spite of constant fire, including sniping, for some hours, carried on the work until it was completed, showing a particularly fine example to his men under the most trying circumstances and completing in a skilful and affective manner, a work specially required for the defence of an important locality. As an example of skill, courage and devotion to duty, the work done by Corporal Thompson was of an exceptionally high order.”

Dvr. TOPP, George Joseph 21st Bn. George Topp comes from the Beaufort area and relates to the Pett family.

Pte. TURNBULL, Joseph Percy 39th Bn AAPC SN1004 Pte Turnbull appears on the RSSILA list. Born at Coghills Creek. He gave his father as his next of kin, C/- Skipton Post office.

Gnr. WALKER, Colin Robert 14th FAB SN 2026, Tpr. WALKER, John Stanley (Anzac) 4th LH & 14th FAB SN 1349 These two men are brothers, the sons of Archibald James and Hanmar Martha (Mason). Originally from Mt Gambier, some of the family came across to the Vite Vite district. Colin enlisted from South Australia, John Stanley from Victoria.

Pte. WALKER, John Henry George (Jack) 58th Bn. SN 1742 Son of John Walker and Mary (Henry) of Tourello. Single, aged 20 on enlistment, Farmer. Father of Iver, Donald and Robert of St Aslem’s.

Gnr. WALKER, Thomas Edward 4th TMB SN 1649 Tommy Walker was born in England, and came to Australia before enlisting at the age of 19. He married the widow of Adam Shaw, above, and later enlisted for service in WW2.

Pte. WARREN, Albert 58th Bn SN 2652 Albert Warren, born Watchem, Victoria was the son of William Warren and Agnes (Heide), a Bolte family connection. The Warrens ran the Skipton Hotel for some years, succeeded by Henry Bolte’s parents.

Pte. WATKINS, David James 39th Bn SN 1931 (added) This name has been added because I believe he should definitely be on Skipton’s list. Born in Carngham, David had land at Bradvale before enlisting in 1916 at the age of 22. He was wounded in action in France in August 1918, resulting in the amputation of his left leg. He did not allow this to stop him from returning to the farm at Bradvale, where he and his wife and daughter lived until David’s untimely death in 1939. 

• Pte. WHITTAKER, James William 38th Bn SN 1733 James Whittaker was born at Corowa, 18 years old on enlistment, Boundary Rider. His father James Edward was Manager of "Mt Emu" Station. He died of sickness in Wiltshire, 18th September 1916.

Pte. WILKIE, Gordon Menzie 38th Bn SN 130 The son of David Stewart Wilkie and Marion (Murray), local families. 26 years old on enlistment, single, Labourer.

Dvr. WILLIAMS, Charles Gordon 29th Bn SN 3032 • Pte. WILLIAMS, Frank Holford (Anzac) 14th Bn SN 1618 Sons of Charles Williams and Elizabeth (Holford) on Banongill Station. Charles Gordon was 21 years old on enlistment, occupation, Groom. Frank was 18 years old when he was killed in action on Gallipoli, 7th August 1915. His name appears also on the lists for Carranballac and Vite Vite.

• Pte. WISE, Albert 58th Bn Pte. WISE, Thomas (Anzac) 8th LH and 2nd Sqdn AFC SN 1632 These men are brothers, the sons of William Bell Wise and Ellen (Crawford) of Skipton. Albert Wise, 22 years old on enlistment, was killed in action 2nd February 1917 in France. Many descendants and connections of the Wise family live in and around Skipton today. Albert’s studio portrait hangs in the Courthouse Headquarters of Skipton Historical Society. Thomas Wise, Blacksmith and Farrier aged 23 on enlistment, served on Gallipoli in the Light Horse, and later in the Australian Flying Corps. Tpr. WISE, Ernest Albert (Anzac) 8th LH SN 3078 Ernie Wise, a 19 year old Blacksmith on enlistment was the son of Ernest Albert Wise and Judith (Goodall). The family is still well represented in Skipton.

• Pte. YOUNG, Reuben (Anzac) 21st Bn SN 3959 Reuben Young was born in Lancashire, England, giving his next of kin on enlistment as Reuben Young, England. His name appears in an early Birthday Book from Skipton, so presumably, like many others, he was employed on one of the local Sheep Stations. Aged 21, he gives his occupation as Leather Dresser. Reuben died 26th August 1916 at Villers Bretonneux, France.

The men who made the Supreme sacrifice are also listed separately on the web page headed Roll of Honour.